-Ladista presents Dual-sided Facial Massager Roller that offers toning, firming,

-relaxing & tightening effects on face, neck, eyes, etc. for a healthy & long-lasting


-The offered double-sided jade roller assists to help your skin absorb the nutrients and ingredients while applying serum, cream, moisturizer or mask on your face or neck.

-EASY TO USE: Hold the jade handle and move the wheel up or down on face, neck or other body parts for about 10-15 minutes every day.

-It helps your skin & muscles to relax within the deeper pores.

-All-natural jade drum is rich in nutrients, helps to improve skin tone, fights the effects of aging, rejuvenates the skin, reduces pigmentation, promotes blood circulation, and gives your skin a healthy glow.

-It also helps to relieve and relax your muscles, helping you to reduce stress and make you feel refreshed.

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Jade Stone Smooth Facial Roller

  • Product Code:FR001
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  • Rs 230.00